Speaker Spotlight: Meagan Hanes

Meagan Hanes is a WordPress expert and technology consultant based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with over 20 years creating websites by hand and over 10 years using WordPress. She creates elegant, high-performance, mobile-optimized web solutions – front-end, back-end, and everything in between. You may have seen her present talks across a variety of WordPress subjects, such as website performance, the website creation process, and learning HTML/CSS. She gives back to local communities through organizing WordCamp Ottawa 2016 and 2017, running meetups such as the Ottawa WordPress Community and the Arnprior WordPress Group, and teaching others to code via Ladies Learning Code. She is currently in the process of launching a new web agency, and is interested to talk with anyone who has ideas or advice 🙂

Meagan will be giving a talk titled “Giving Back to WordPress – No Code Needed!“.

What is your favorite improvement to WordPress this past year?

I for one am glad to have a “slow” 2016 in terms of features and releases in Core. So for me, I’ve been impressed with the increase in size of WordCamp Europe! Can’t wait to see how large WordCamp US becomes.

Why did you decide to speak at WordCamp Montreal?

Montreal’s WordCamp was the first WordCamp I ever spoke at, so it has a special place in my <3. The city is one of Canada's finest experiences, and in July the city is alive with music, food, and fun – if you haven't been before, get an AirBNB for an extra few days and explore, you won't regret it!

What is your talk going to be about?

My talk demystifies the process of contributing to the WordPress Project, and addresses a number of misconceptions, such as one needing to be a code expert to contribute. Ever wonder how WordPress, plugin and theme translations, documentation, meetups and WordCamps happen? Let’s go on an adventure to see just how these are made, and how you can find your own place to give back!

What is the one thing you want people to walk away with from your talk?

People will leave my talk knowing exactly how to give back to the WordPress Project, whether through code, community, or collaboration, and will be inspired to take that first step in becoming a maker instead of only a user.

Who in the WordPress community inspires you? Who do you follow?

There are too many to list. I recommend following all members and fans of @thewpcrowd

Also, if you haven’t seen Petya Raykovska’s opening announcements of #wceu, go and find them. Gave me shivers <3 #madlove @petyeah

What new feature would you like to see in the future?

To WordCamp Montreal – daycare would be appreciated!
To WordPress – core adoption of the REST API and standardization of the top common custom post type
To the WordPress Project – more meetups and events, and to continue to nurture and grow our special community’s kind-natured spirit 🙂