WordCamp Montreal is committed to supporting the dignity and independence of people of all abilities.

What Are We Doing?

We have taken several steps to try to make people with varying abilities feel welcome at our event. We have prioritized choosing an accessible venue with wheelchair access and elevators for people with mobility issues. We have made efforts to make our website easier to use for people with visual deficits, and those using screen readers. We have invited people to act as volunteer translators for people who use American Sign Language, and to provide general assistance to people with mobility issues. We have regularly welcomed speakers who are able to share their expertise on accessibility in web design, in order to improve knowledge about this important topic within our community. We also provide most of our talks to, after WordCamp so that people who are unable to attend can still learn from our event and participate in our community.

How Can We Improve?

We also recognize that we often fail in our efforts. We would like to encourage members of our community and people who attend our events to let us know how we can improve. What services would you like to see us offer? What assistance is needed that we are not providing? How can we make our community more welcoming for all?

How Can I Get Assistance?

If you would like assistance during WordCamp, please come to the registration desk.

How Can I Help?

We encourage volunteers who would like to provide ASL translation or assist someone with an accessibility issue to become a volunteer.