Imposter Syndrome and the Techie Continuum

Think you don’t know enough about WordPress to help out someone else? Come with me on my journey through the techie continuum – swinging through Self-Doubt Boulevard and taking a leisurely jaunt through Imposter Syndrome Alley. We’ll find out how I finally realized I know enough to contribute – and so do you.

After a short personal talk, we’ll have an informal group conversation, in which participants will be invited to share their own experiences. The discussion will include challenges we’ve faced with imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and other negative self-talk, and we’ll share tips for moving past and even overcoming these issues. We’ll look at finding ways to contribute to WordPress that you’re comfortable with, the positive impact of transferring your knowledge to others, and how individual and peer mentorships can benefit everyone.

Note: group facilitation will be in English, but discussion welcome in English and French. L’animation du groupe sera en anglais, mais la discussion en français ou en anglais sera bienvenue.


No prerequisites, all welcome.